Below is a simple illustration demonstrating the knock on effect that just one mineral can on 8 other minerals, just by taking an iron supplement in isolation.

  1. Sodium goes up. This is the first thing that happens. The iron will cause sodium levels to rise as a consequence of stimulating the adrenal glands.
  2. Magnesium goes down. Magnesium levels will go down because sodium lowers magnesium.
  3. Calcium goes down. When magnesium goes down, calcium also goes down to try to maintain the same calcium/magnesium ratio.
  4. Potassium goes up. Calcium and potassium also move in opposite directions. So when calcium goes down, potassium moves up.
  5. Nitrogen goes down. Since the person is going into fast oxidation, he is starting to cannibalise his own proteins, instead of building them. This lowers the nitrogen level.
  6. Copper goes down. Since tissue respiration is speeding up, copper is being used more quickly. If the copper is already at low levels, or, if the person has a high zinc to copper ratio, then his copper availability could plunge to dangerously low levels. At levels below 1.0, the person moves into a cancer danger zone as bioavailable Cu is the number one protector of cancer in the body.
  7. Zinc goes down. As copper goes down, zinc goes down to maintain the proper ratio with it. Since zinc is needed for proper functioning of the adrenal glands, the lowering of zinc will eventually exhaust the adrenals. This will make you more tired than before you started.
  8. Manganese goes up. As zinc goes down, the manganese goes up, since they normally move in opposite directions. Eventually, manganese reserves will become depleted. As the manganese levels collapse, the person further exhausts their adrenals & becomes weak and indecisive. Weaker than the individual was before even taking the iron supplement.

 Next time you are thinking about taking a supplement on a whim, because you either read it’s good for you, or someone told you your anaemic. Consider the knock on effect that one mineral has on the rest of the mineral matrix.