The glycolysis cycle (GC) is the the burning of carbohydrates, and the Kreb Cycle (KC) is the burning or metabolising of proteins & fats. The GC has 12 steps and produces 20% of the body’s energy and is quick energy. Whereas the KC has 8 steps and produces the lion share of remaining energy potential at a whopping 80%.

The more enzymes, and the more minerals available to the body, the more effective the cycle goes through to completion & the more energy you build up. It takes the burning of the sugars in the GC to turn on or activate the KC in motion. Some of the energy produced in the KC then feeds back into the GC to keep the whole thing in motion. Like interlocking cycles of energy. If the glycolysis cycle isn’t working properly as indicated by High Ca/Mg ratio, Low Na/K ratio, or low Ca/Mg ratio, this indicates you are not handling sugars correctly. If you aren’t burning your sugars effectively then how can one burn protein & fats which generate 80% of the body’s potential energy – it’s impossible!

So how do we influence this cycle….

Well, our aim is to enhance the glycolysis cycle by normalisation of Ca/Mg, Na/K & Na/Mg ratios which then leads to full energy output from the GC to drive the KC through to completion.

There’s 12 steps in the GC, and 8 steps in the KC are intimately involved in mineral metabolism. Mainly Magnesium, Manganese, Copper & Iron….. those are 4 major minerals in the energy transport system which is the build up of energy in the body. This is why it’s important to get the levels of the 4 aforementioned minerals up on a HTMA.

The last 2 steps in the KC involves Copper & Iron. This is where aerobic respiration takes place or aerobic metabolism. Up until these last 2 steps aerobic metabolism is not involved. The balance between Copper & Iron at this point is highly important as indicated by the Fe/Cu ratio on a Hair Analysis chart.

Seeing as the KC produces 80% of the body’s energy potential, and the GC only produces 20%, most of which is used to activate the KC… it is therefore hugely important to get the Copper & Iron Bioavailable & balanced to achieve maximum energy output.

If either the GC or KC is faulty in any way you have low levels of energy resulting. This leads to metabolic dysfunctions, diseases & symptoms or disorders & so forth.

In mineral balancing science using Hair Mineral Analysis we can intelligently manipulate the mineral matrix to bypass a bad step in the energy production process. Just until the body can be realigned in how it was designed to function before it was metabolically distracted from doing its innate job or keeping us healthy.

It is when we restore our energy producing systems that the body can start to rebuild & heal the many layers of metabolic adaptations & compensations its had to make over the years to try to maintain homeostatic balance.

Working with a practitioner who not only understands mineral balancing science, but is also skilled in functional lab testing is by far the best way to identify the weak links in the body, to be able to put the body in a position of strength, to give it a fighting chance to restoring health. By knowing the specific areas that need to be addressed, rather than guess work or a shot gun approach, we can be very precise like a SAS sniper – the most elite soldier in the world – and pick off each health issue one by one.