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My name is Steve, and probably like many of you reading this, for years I’d also once been plagued by a number of health issues which had a major negative impact on my quality of life.

Steve Jobs, one of the greatest minds of the last century once said, “You can’t connect the dots going forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”. This is a perfect metaphor for my own story that brought me to this point in my life. I now get to do what I have a passion for – helping others achieve better levels of health and wellness. When I think about my own dots, going back, the signs were all there. All the symptoms I’d been suffering with were my bodies way of telling me that something wasn’t right. Of course back then, my conditioned mindset, like the majority the world’s population, was that when you are ill or suffering with poor health, you visit you GP or MD. This doctor then tells you what he presumes is wrong with you in a 15 minute appointment, and prescribes you some form of medication which supposedly fixes the issue.

For years I’d trusted this conventional allopathic medical model. Anytime I was sick, I would take the word of the doctor along with any medication that was recommended with no questions asked.

My years of suffering included symptoms resulting in anxiety, panic attacks, depression, gut issues, fatigue, mood issues, weight loss, weight gain, sleep problems, and allergic reactions to foods & supplements of kinds. I wasn’t able to eat the foods that everyone else seemed to enjoy on a regular basis. At the time I felt my life was over.

I kept going back to my doctor and each time hoping for answers. The best he could come up with is that I was anxious and depressed, and that nothing else was wrong with me. Out came the prescription for more anti-depressants, and beta blockers. On other visits, antibiotics or steroids were the drugs of choice, before being sent on my way.

I’d always thought that I’d lived a “healthy life”, despite my wild late teens and early 20’s partying & being exposed to recreational drugs. I’d weight-trained in the gym, consistently, 5 days a week since I was 15. Ate what I classed as a healthy, clean, nutrient dense diet, as it went hand in hand with the type of bodybuilding training I did. Yet, despite all of this I ended up in a very poor state of health.

“I recall very vividly the memory where it all changed for me. I was laying on my lounge floor in front my family, crying my eyes out as I did not know what was wrong with me.”

Now at a very healthy 40, I can look back. I recall very vividly the memory where it all changed for me. I was laying on my lounge floor in front my family, crying my eyes out as I did not know what was wrong with me. I knew it was more than just anxiety & depression.

I’d always walked around 6’1” tall, 220 pounds, with a muscular build, and hovered around 10% body fat. The illness had reduced me down to a gaunt, fatigued, anxious, depressed, 165lb shadow of my former self. I had also developed severe digestive issues, and just didn’t feel myself at all.

I sat up until the early hours of the morning, every night for months on end, obsessively trawling the internet for answers . I’d already self diagnosed myself with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stomach ulcers, thanks to Web MD! Just when I thought I had a breakthrough, I’d find another article or study that would contradict the last one I’d read. I was so confused, and didn’t know where to turn, but I didn’t give up.

After some time i finally came to my senses and made the decision that I wasn’t qualified to self treat, as all the information I’d tried to date based on what I’d read on the internet, had either made me worse or hadn’t moved me any closer to health.

I finally decided to bite the bullet, and pay to consult with someone experienced in the natural healing world. I’d read a lot about Functional Medicine, so I searched around for a certified FM practitioner to consult with. I knew after making the decision that it was the right one as he really listened and understood what I was going through. At the time this was so refreshing and just what I needed as up until that point, for the last few years, my family just didn’t understand what was going on. At times I felt like they thought I was some kind of hypochondriac. I had felt so lonely for years, dealing with this state of health on my own.

Working with someone who was not only skilled and experienced in natural healing, but also fully understood me and my condition was the life line I had desperately needed. He himself had suffered for years with IBS, chronic fatigue and gut infections before going on to completely reverse all his health problems. His own experience, like mine lead him to eventually go on to study & practice functional medicine professionally,

After a very in-depth consultation, discussing me health history, we started out by running a number of comprehensive functional lab tests on myself.

When the results came back, they showed I had multiple different infections, an overgrowth of candida, almost non existent beneficial flora, compromised immune function, systemic inflammation & inefficient digestion. And as if that wasn’t enough, I also had adrenal & HPA axis dysfunction, and my liver was struggling as a result.

This is madnes! How did I get in such a mess?!

Proud and certain of the good find, I took all of the private lab tests I’d had done to my GP and handed the pages of lab results to him hoping that this would be the answer we had all been waiting for. He sheepishly flicked through the pages, then put the papers back on the table, slid them back to me and said “I’d just leave it if I were you”…

I was speechless and furious! I stormed out of the doctors office and it was at this point that I lost all faith in the conventional medicine model. I’ve not been to see a doctor in over 10 years now. Even putting the moral issue to one side, I’ve not need to. My health has been excellent.

The FM practitioner that I originally consulted with designed me a custom programme which I followed to a T. During this time I was required to put in the hard work & commitment, make sacrifices, and adjust my lifestyle. Over a number of months, I slowly started to regain my health back. After 6 months huge improvements were made from the very first set of tests. Within about 9 months i had my full health restored after years of suffering, and was able to live a normal life.

This profound experience led me to choosing this path professionally.

Fast forward 10 years and science degrees in both Biochemistry & Nutrition; I went on to study Nutritional Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, and Functional Medicine; learning from some of the worlds best FMD’s, ND’s, PhD’s.

The professional skills, knowledge, and clinical experience that i had obtained over the years, coupled with technology, allowed me to remotely connect & consult with others from all over the world, who similar to me, needed professional coaching in order to restore functional wellness through natural therapies.

Some common issues that I tackle on a weekly basis in clinical practice on a weekly basis are autoimmunity, fibromyalgia & CFS, various allergies, sleep issues, digestive system disorders, gastrointestinal infections such as Candida, SIBO, parasites & pathogenic bacteria, sex hormone imbalances, adrenal & thyroid dysfunction, emotional disturbances such as anxiety & depression, and heavy metal toxicity to name just a handful.

I look forward to speaking with you to see if we are the right fit to work together…

Steve – 5e Wellness