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In 2400 BC, HIPPOCRATES, the Greek father of modern medicine, considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of modern medicine once said…

“Everyone has a physician inside him or her, we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” 

This metaphorical statement, isn’t suggesting we literally become our own physician, GP, or MD, and never seek professional advice on complex health matters – far from it. What this means is that the human body, by-design, was designed to be healthy. The decisions & choices (signals & inputs) we make as to how we live our lives, and what we put in our bodies have the biggest influence on our body’s capacity to convert those signals into either health-promoting or disease-promoting outcomes.

Although functional medicine is worlds apart from conventional medicine in its approach, and that it doesn’t involve prescribing pharmaceutical drugs in order to manage of suppress the symptoms of underlying health conditions – it can however, be very effective in complimenting or supporting conventional medicine treatments, in what’s known as an ‘integrative approach’, if a person is already being treated or having symptoms managed with medical drugs under the care of their primary healthcare physician.

The foundation of the functional medicine/lifestyle-synergy model is hinged on the philosophy of ‘let food by thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food’ which was another famous quote also made by the late, great Hippocrates himself. This functional approach to health & wellness is all about working with the body, as close to how nature intended. Utilising the most advanced scientific testing methods to help identify underlying, and often sub-clinical (unseen or unknown) disorders in metabolism, in the hormonal system, the digestive system, the immune system, and the detoxification system, to name just a few areas. It is about providing it with targeted nutrition, & nutritional supplementation which may include nutraceuticals, standardised botanicals, oils, and naturally derived bio-identicals, in order to promote & support a healthy lifestyle, and normal function.

Functional Medicine is a holistic, patient-centred approach towards improving health which takes into account not only what’s going on inside, but also external factors such as physical, mental, emotional, social, and lifestyle-related influences, rather than just the symptoms or a disease or condition. The reason being is that these external factors play a significant part in influencing either health-promoting, or disease-promoting signals to the body. Functional Medicine views the body as a integrated network of systems that all have to work together synergistically in order for it to sustain functional wellness. This network of systems is referred to as ‘systems-biology’.

Below are a handful of direct comparisons between conventional medicine, and functional medicine…


  • Disease focussed – treats the disease, not the patient
  • Doctor centred
  • Everyone is treated the same way based on what their ‘diagnosis’ is
  • Divisive – views the body as a group of separate parts – each part has its own doctor & most unaware of how each of the parts are truly integrated with one another
  • Manages disease
  • Diagnosis based on symptoms
  • Reactive – waits for disease to occur before intervening with it 
  • Superficial – masks or suppresses symptoms without addressing underlying causes
  • Long-term reliance on medication
  • Basic lab testing using extreme conventional ranges – you’re either told you are sick or well, despite how you feel
  • Limited – relies almost exclusively on pharmaceuticals & surgery, which come with greater risks


  • Health focussed
  • Patent centred – treats the patient, not the disease
  • Recognises biochemical individuality 
  • Holistic/whole-body approach 
  • Underlying cause – resolution focussed
  • Optimises health
  • Preventative – fixes imbalances before they turn into major problems 
  • Investigative – Finding & addressing the underlying causes of symptoms
  • Long-term restoration of health
  • Advanced lab testing using narrower functional ranges – recognising that ill-health, and disease can occur in-between each end of the extreme conventional ranges
  • All-encompassing – emphasises the importance of diet & lifestyle whilst utilising the best of modern & traditional natural medicine

Our ethos at 5e Wellness is to treat every single person as a biochemically individual case. As human beings, we are all different, and are all very unique in our own way, much like our finger print. What works for one, doesn’t for another. What makes one feel good, makes another person feel worse. This is what we refer to as “Biochemical Individuality”.

We do not believe in generic, cookie cutter, one size fits all approaches to health, as there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. We use evidence-based scientific lab testing to help functionally assess each person, with the aim to uncover any weak links or underlying dysfunctions within systems-biology, so that we can design & customise meaningful nutritional/lifestyle-based functional wellness restoration programmes.


Any information on this website, or advice, suggestions, views or opinions expressed in person are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any known medical condition. Neither are they to replace the advice, or recommendations made by your primary healthcare physician, GP, or MD. Its advisable that any nutritional-based advice, suggestions, opinions or views should always be discussed with your primary healthcare physician in advance.

All nutritional/lifestyle-based suggestions are based on published peer-reviewed medical journals, that are impartial, and uncorrupted by corporate or political interests. These may change or adapt over time to align or with the latest published research.

Steve – 5e Wellness