When it’s a good thing to feel bad…

Have you ever been in a situation before where you have started a natural healing, detoxification or eradication programme in an attempt to improve your health, only to discover that you feel 10 x worse than you did before you started? Has it ever got so bad that you have had to stop it completely or have you soldiered on, suffering, to no positive avail?

With a lot of things, there can be a very fine line between two polar opposites. Let’s use the example of good & bad.

Have you ever heard some people say – “Ah mate, that is SICK!” or “That is INSANE!” Meaning, that’s so good, it’s the opposite to the vocabulary we would normally use to describe something good.

Here’s a very clear example of using 2 words that are generally associated with negative connotations, but used in a different context, that all of a sudden have the complete opposite meaning.

This can also be a powerful strategy to adjust our thought process in viewing something negative from a positive perspective. Kind of like the recent experience I referred to at the start. This however is another topic, for another article, another day.

So back to where we were before…

…“The good & bad of the good & bad”…

It’s actually no different when it comes to the health of the body. Feeling bad can be either a indication or warning that this is not the direction it wants to go in, and is exacerbating the situation by making matters worse; OR can be a sign that the body is moving through a stressful stage of metabolic correction of sort. It’s important to be able to distinguish one from the other when intelligently trying to improve ones health.

A healing crisis, a healing reaction, or retracing, are a few terms to describe a temporary worsening of one’s symptoms that occurs when the body is going through the process of internal metabolic & cellular rebuilding of tissue. This also applies during the rebalancing of the endocrine system, a correction of a chronic illness, or releasing and eliminating various toxic compounds & pathogenic debris.

Since the standard innate physiological measurement of how we tend to assess our health is based on how good we feel, or by our energy levels; its easy for us to assume that the specific health recovery program that we are following, or the intensive phase of endocrine or GI restoration is hurting us when a healing crisis takes place. In a lot of cases this is nothing further from the truth. These healing reactions occur when the body “retraces” or revisits old unresolved injuries, wounds, infections or other metabolic imbalances from its past when it wasn’t able to reconcile them the first time around.

These very reactions can manifest themselves as either a re-appearance of old symptoms, a flare up of current symptoms, or a completely new set of symptoms that one had never experienced before.

You may have also heard this phenomenon referred to as flare-ups, retracing reactions, detox reactions, Herxheimer reactions, die-off, the reversal process or purification reactions

The physiological mechanism of how this phenomenon occurs, is that these unresolved infections or metabolic imbalances get buried & stored deep within poor quality tissue, which in turn forces the body to create a series of metabolic adaptations in order to keep that infection or metabolic issue under lock & key. This protective mechanism or adaptive compensation made by the body, requires cellular energy to keep each one of the adaptations secure in place. Think of it like a biological safety deposit box where you have to pay an annual fee to keep it locked away in storage, but the currency or fee in this case is life sustaining cellular energy.

A genuine healing crisis is a very important aspect of a successful natural health recovery programme. Even though the reactions can be uncomfortable, alarming, or sometimes even scary in nature, if it’s legitimate, it is a good sign of progress that the body is working to heal itself internally.

If the particular therapy or approach that one tries does not produce a healing reaction; it may be a sign that the programme isn’t engineered properly or there is something that needs to be addressed or adjusted to accomplish the detoxification & metabolic release process to commence, which is necessary to begin to overcome illness and disease.

Symptom’s that accompany a healing crisis may include the following: headache, flushing, skin eruptions, fever, nausea, joint pains, feelings of being spaced out, unusual fatigue, insomnia, sleepiness, congestion, emotional instability, depression, irritability, anxiety, panic, depression, apathy, muscle cramps, aches and pains, constipation, diarrhoea, hot/cold flashes, night sweats and many other symptoms which are often cold and/or flu-like.

A healing crisis will often bring up past unresolved issues, known as “retracing.” These issues from the past have been temporarily stored out of site, like an old arbitrary household item being stuffed away in a cupboard at home; forgotten about gathering dust; often laying dormant in the body for a very long time. Any past illnesses and disease may re-manifest as the body eliminates the toxins that have been stored from those disease processes. This can also dredge up old thoughts & emotions that were biochemically assigned to that particular event.

Symptoms can be quite intense when the healing crisis is dealing with serious past illnesses and disease such as an old case of hepatitis, shingles, viral infections or even pneumonia.

The symptoms of the healing crisis can often be more intense than the disease or illness that is being treated. It is important however to remember that no matter how intense, it is only temporary, and it is the route to renewed health.

A healing crisis typically lasts two to three days, but can extend for much longer periods of time, even weeks. More than one healing crisis may be necessary for a complete cure to take place. When dealing with a more serious illness or chronic disease, you may have to go through many healing crises before full health can be restored. In my experience working empirically with clients; once the body has allowed the healing reaction to commence, it will usually see it through to completion, even if the individual is temporarily withdrawn from their specific programme. For this to happen effectively the body must be generating sufficient levels of cellular metabolic energy to complete this cycle.

So what actually causes a healing crisis…?

Well, the stage is generally set for a healing crisis when the body becomes overburdened with toxins, metals & pathogenic activity that have been trapped & compartmentalised within various tissues, glands & organs for a long period of time; often for many decades; and often causing dysfunction. Of course unless the metabolism is where it needs to be, this junk just piles like a scrap yard who’s lorry drivers are on strike. Eventually causing metabolic chaos.

As a general rule, based on my experience working empirically with clients on a weekly basis, the more toxic the body is, the more intense the healing reactions are likely to be. As healing begins, many systems in the body work together to eliminate waste products, toxins, and metals, which can quickly become overwhelmed by the process.

It’s important to note that these symptoms are temporary, and once they pass, the body is in a stronger state of health than it was before, even if the endocrine glands have taken a hit to get the job done.

A healing crisis is often initiated when I put a client on an intelligently designed mineral balancing programme, a cleanse or detox process, a dietary or supplemental change, or after executing an anti-fungal or anti-microbial botanical herb or enzyme based attack. The process itself is defined when the cells within the body begin to release toxins, metals and impurities at a rate quicker than the body’s elimination systems are able to excrete them. These eliminative organs being the liver, kidneys, bladder, lungs, skin & the adrenal glands.

When this reaction occurs we often see a lot of disturbance & disruption in the metabolism, which can even show up on a HTMA as a temporary metabolic crash. In the majority of cases, if a heavy metal has been released from a binding site, it causes a disturbance in the kidneys causing a prevention in the re-uptake of sodium due to the released metals irritating or damaging the proximal tube of the kidney. This is known as an Na/K inversion. This is a stage of burnout. This is often accompanied with kidney & liver problems. Another thing we see other than a legitimate Na/K inversion, is what Dr Dave Watts of TEI refers to a “pseudo inversion” meaning a false, or fake inversion. On the surface this looks the same but is actually a loss of K from the cell under stress, which sometimes tends to leave the body accompanied with Mg. Based on my advanced cellular mitochondrial tests shown below, during a dump, Mg is not always lost during a toxic dump or during a metabolic release. You can see on one of my recent advanced cellular mitochondrial tests during a dump of mine; that there was an elevation of K was present but the cells stayed strong in retaining 2 of the other 4 main electrolytes Ca & Mg in the mitochondria. SEE IMAGE BELOW.

Another time when my clients experience healing reactions is during a phase of treatment or therapy that causes massive die off of yeast, viruses, bacteria.
The dead cells can overwhelm the elimination processes as they are expelled from the body.
If the symptoms become extreme, then often steps need to be taken in slowing down detoxification process allowing the body’s detox pathways time to catch up. Going too hard at once can overwhelm the body causing additional unwanted stress. This is where I see so many people go wrong. They try to self treat and still have the same infections for years, and feel like shit.

If you’ve had the same infections or GI issues for over 3-6 months whilst on a DIY self healing programme; or you’ve been working with a practitioner that’s supposed to be your guide in moving you towards health but it’s not happening; do yourself a favour and seek out an expert that addresses all the body systems. I myself eradicate most pathogens & rebalance the GI ecosystem, microbiome, hormones & get the chemistry in a much better place within these time frames, although some cases may take a bit longer. Some people have had the same infections & health issues for years, yet the way they talk you’d think they were healing experts. Chasing the minutiae down the rabbit hole, when they aren’t even getting the foundation stuff nailed. Makes no sense.

During a transitory period of a healing crisis I always recommend my clients drink a minimum of 3L of bottled mineral water per day, but during healing reactions I increase fluids by an additional 1-2L to help carry off the toxins as well as getting plenty of rest – mentally, physically and emotionally. During this time little extra high quality Pink Himalayan Sea Salt on meals helps the body with cellular hydration. The body will let you know how much, but like most things in life; less is more. You can always add more, but you can’t take away.

Healing reactions should not only be embraced, but also be viewed as a very positive experience even though they can make you feel like shit. Providing the individual has an intelligently designed programme, which they are adhering to & carefully following; these temporary bouts of feeling sub par are an sign that the healing process is in action by eliminating the body of toxins, impurities and imbalances.

There’s two options…

Either remain ignorant, & continue to come up with your own conclusions based on guesswork with the help of Dr Google. During this time you are gradually starting to feel worse & deteriorating over time as your health goes further down hill, and additional symptoms manifest as the body starts to get overloaded & metabolic chaos sets in…


Suck it up, put a real plan in place, and embrace these temporary bursts of discomfort, in between feelings of feeling great. It’s important that the individual is experiencing both ends of the spectrum during this process, which is another sign of forward movement. If you are feeling crap, in between feeling average, then again, as a professional that’s something I’d be questioning.

The healing crisis often lets us know that we are on the right path to renewed health and vigour. The old saying “No pain, no gain” is truly applicable when talking about the natural healing process.