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Our aim at 5th Element Wellness is to approach every single person’s case with “Biochemical Individuality”

As human beings, we are all different, and are all very unique in our own way, much like our finger print. What works for one, doesn’t for another. What makes one feel good, makes another person feel worse. This is what we refer to as “Biochemical Individuality”.

Our ethos at 5th Element Wellness is to carefully assess each person as a unique case, in order to design & customise an entire 5e wellness recovery plan that’s bespoke to the individual, and their health needs. We do not believe in cookie cutter, generic, one size fits all approaches to health, as there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Every single person is different and should be treated as a Biochemically individual case.

And just like changes happen at every moment in life, so does the body. It’s no different. It’s constantly trying to maintain “Homeostasis” which is a biological term that refers to the body attempting to balance the internal environment based on the current circumstances. What this means is that adjustments & manipulations in the health restoration programme will need to be made as the body’s chemistry adjusts & alters over time. This ensures we can steer the body back on course towards the destination of health & wellness.

The way we work at 5th Element is by using a clinically proven functional medicine body systems model. This approach looks at body systems collectively, how they interact, and where the dysfunction between them all lies.

With the use of highly advanced scientific functional lab testing assessment we can be accurate in uncovering weak links.

This highly scientific nutritional based approach involves addressing diet & lifestyle, supporting the endocrine system which includes the hormones, the adrenals & the thyroid glands, the gut & digestive system, detoxification pathways, and balancing the biochemistry via the mineral matrix with nutraceuticals, botanicals & orthomolecular therapy.

There’s an old saying… “There’s no guarantees in life other than death & taxes…”

One thing that is certain is that by doing nothing when you are suffering with sub optimal health, it is guaranteed that one will move further away from health, and closer towards illness & disease. In the majority of cases, some kind of intervention is required to assist the body in doing the innate job it was built to do… be healthy.

We look forward to helping you overcome your health challenges.

Steve – 5e Wellness